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Since 1981 Continental Coating Corporation has provided sophisticated metal finishing.

We address a diversity of manufacturing and engineering specifications such as abrasion resistance, non-stick, improved grip, extreme high and low temperature performance, and corrosion resistance.

Continental Coating achieves best fit results by combining chemistry with fine-tuned application, masking, preparation and curing factors. The company offers an extensive line of coatings ranging from basic thermosetting powders to advanced fluoropolymer systems. The 20,000 square foot facility houses unique application, curing equipment and specialized tools to address difficult, often customized needs. Our technicians work with R&D teams to combine the best coating with the right process to achieve timely and consistent results.


  • 4 Electrostatic powder booths

  • 3 fluidized bed powder booths

  • 1 Multi-directional conveyor system

  • 2 fluoropolymer (PTFE) coating booths

  • 2 Centrifugal coating machines


  • 2 Gas fired ovens (up to 700F)

  • 2 Electric ovens

  • 1 infrared oven

  • 1 Burn off oven (up to 800F)


  • 2 Blast cabinets (Aluminium Oxide media)

  • 1 Blast cabinet (Sand media)


  • 8' Vertical High velocity impact grinder for powder particle size reduction

  • High velocity ribbon blender for custom dry color blending

  • Integrated custom scheduling system

  • Climate controlled inventory warehouse

Quality Control

Our facility has a full time climate controlled quality control laboratory.  Most testing is conducted on-site to satisfy moster Certificates of conformance.

  • Elcometer 456 coating thickness device 

  • Elcometer 415 coating thickness device

  • Elcometer 270 pin hole / spark test device

  • Elcometer 122 Testex

  • Elcometer 224 digital surface profile device

  • Granite level profiler

  • Coating weight analysis


Our facility can accomadate naitonal and international shipments.  We have established special relationships with import/export agencies throught the world.  Common export destinations include Israel, Ireland, China and Mexico.

We have a 26' box truck and a 10' cargo van to accomadate pickup and deliveries in the Portland Metropolitan area.

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Debbie Goudima

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Roberto Marin

Plant Manager


Edwin Sanchez

Production Assistant


Marco Valle


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