Durable, Non-Stick Racks

Ryton is an excellent coating where highly corrosive and abrasive conditions are present.

Problem: A printer manufacturer required a very durable non-stick coating for their racking system on a gold plating line. The gold stuck to the racking system and was difficult to remove and clean.

Solution: Continental Coating applied a Ryton (PPS) system using two primers and a single top coat. The primer added a durable base layer while the top coat with PTFE allowed for improved non-stick performance. Far less gold buillt up and the racks were much easier to clean. The Ryton also provided service temperatures to 500F.

"I wanted to thank Mitch Behrens and the team at Continental Coating for supporting our project needs and delivering coating solutions that made our project successful. As our requirement for a coating solution was unique, we worked together to test and implement the best solution for our process. Mitch was very helpful in supplying us coating options, ideas and materials to help develop the optimum coating solution for our application."

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