Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing Ducts

6ft duct components coated for use in semiconductor manufacturing.

When you need coated ductwork to handle corrosive gasses generated by semiconductor manufacturing, Continental Coating is the resource you need. We have the skills and tools to coat the insides of ductwork of all sizes with Fusion Bonded Epoxy (Scotchkote), PVDF (Kynar), or ECTFE (HALAR).

3M’s Scotchkote  #134 was applied to the ID of this duct work for installation in a semiconductor facility for removing chemically toxic exhaust.   Scotchkote #134 applied by Continental Coating Corp via the hot flocking method meets a film thickness of 7-10 mils and provides outstanding corrosion protection from a variety of chemicals and environments reaching 350F.     Scotchkote #134 also meets American Water Works Association standards C205 and C213.

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